What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?2021-12-23T19:08:58+00:00

A Legal Nurse Consultant is a registered nurse with specialized training to be able to apply extensive healthcare knowledge and experience to legal cases involving medical issues.

If you already use a Medical Doctor, why consult a Legal Nurse Consultant?2021-12-23T19:10:08+00:00

The services of a Legal Nurse Consultant are far more cost-effective than those of a physician. As the healthcare provider who is face-to-face with the patient every day, the LNC can educate you about a wide range of medical issues.

When should you call a Legal Nurse Consultant?2021-12-23T19:11:56+00:00

From the moment a potential case comes in, a Legal Nurse Consultant becomes an invaluable asset by identifying the medical issues, screening the case for merit and providing thirty LNC services relevant to your case.

Why do Attorneys need Legal Nurse Consultants?2021-12-06T21:15:36+00:00

While the attorney is the legal expert, the LNC is the expert on the healthcare system and its inner workings. Nowhere else will you find this level of cost-effective expertise for reviewing medical records and understanding the terminology and subtleties of healthcare.

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