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Many legal cases require experts from different fields to weigh-in to help lawyers build the most persuasive case possible. This is especially true when it comes to cases that involve medical procedures and healthcare knowledge. For attorneys and clients whose cases relate to the medical field, even tangentially, a legal nurse consultant can be a wonderful resource.

Winning cases isn’t just about having legal expertise. It’s sometimes necessary to collaborate with other types of experts and consultants who understand the fine details of different industries and fields. When your case is related to emergency medical care, injuries, or medical malpractice, a legal nurse consultant can be an invaluable resource. Call McIntosh & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC today!

What Is Legal Nurse Consulting?

Legal nurse consulting is a specialty in which nurses provide legal professionals with their own invaluable experience and expertise with regards to medical issues. Legal nurse consultants have strong roots in clinical practice and expertise in advising attorneys. This expertise gives them the ability to analyze complex healthcare information as it relates to civil and criminal cases.

Legal nursing consultants are not paralegals, and they do not practice law. Instead, they help to bridge a critical gap between the legal and medical fields in many different settings. Insurance companies and medical facilities, as well as law firms, often employ the services of legal nurse consultants.

Legal nurse consultants can be an incredible help on many different types of cases—not just medical malpractice and personal injury. Product liability cases, medical record analysis, and sourcing expert medical witnesses are all within our purview. Give McIntosh & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC a call today to schedule a consultation.

What Types of Cases Benefit From Legal Nurse Consulting?

The role of a legal nurse consultant is a dynamic one. Their skills can be applied to a plethora of different legal practice areas that are continually evolving. Some of these practice areas include:

Choosing the Right Consultant

When choosing your legal nurse consultant, experience is paramount. You’ll want to choose someone who has both extensive medical experience in a variety of different areas, as well as someone who has experience consulting on legal cases. It’s also essential to ascertain that your consultant has experience in the specific type of case you are preparing for. Select someone with a stellar reputation as a consultant and who demonstrates exceptional customer service. Remember, having the right medical consultant on call can make or break your case.

Choose a nursing consultant company with experience. Call the McIntosh & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC in Longmont today for a consultation. Let us show you how we can assist you in building a strong case. Our exceptional customer service, years of medical experience, and dedication to providing legal support speak for themselves.